Getting Going

Note: cross posted from the mail list.

I’ve posted links to the software downloads and some very brief installation and instructions here:

Those instructions heavily gloss over the step to import your catalog data, but they’re a start. The starter content is a small help, but a bug in WordPress’ WXR export/import makes the excerpt for each record look a little funky. If you’ve got a MARC file or a Innovative Interfaces ILS, you’ll find import scripts are included to help get you going, and things are setup so it’s hopefully easy to plug it into any source of records.

Considering how sparse the existing documentation is, let’s use the mail list to figure things out and document along the way.

I should also note that the Scriblio site I’m most actively working on now is the public beta of Plymouth State University’s Lamson Library, here:

I’ve been testing my bug fixes and added features against another test site and submitting them to the subversion repository as I make them. The downloadable tar files aren’t really versioned, I’ve simply been taring up the current code in the repository when it looks stable. That process is certain to evolve as more people join in.

Thank you for trying out Scriblio, let’s make it better,


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