Get Scriblio — 2.3 Version


You’re Scriblio-curious and you have a server you’d like to use for the the WordPress + Scriblio suite. This page explains what you will need and how to get started.

Quick Install

  1. Check the system requirements (note: this is slightly more than WordPress’ own requirements):
  2. Download and install WordPress 2.3.1 or newer.
  3. Download and install bSuite and activate the main plugin.
  4. Download the Scriblio plugin, place it in your WordPress’ plugins directory, and activate it.
  5. Download the Scriblio theme, place it in your WordPress’ themes directory, and activate it.
  6. Set up permalinks, choose a commenting policy, import your catalog, and start writing content.
  7. Read more about managing Scriblio.
  8. Join the mailing list.


Subversion Access

Stable releases of scriblio can be found in:

Development versions are in /trunk More information about Subversion is in the documentation.

Old Versions
Old versions of Scriblio are archived in the repository. Comments related to previous milestone versions are in these archived pages:

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