Scriblio Download Location Changed

The change is not entirely complete, but anybody who goes looking to download Scriblio should now look in the WordPress plugin repositoryZip’d copies of various versions of the plugin are available, and you’ll also find the Subversion repository there.

I still have to write a readme file to update the main entry in the plugin directory and there are likely stil a few links I need to update here on the website.

Though I use Subversion almost exclusively to keep my WordPress install and all the plugins I use up to date, I can’t deny that most users depend on zip-file downloads and WordPress’ automatic update mechanism. Moving hosting the Scriblio code there makes it easier to support those users.

In time I plan to remove the various importer plugins from the main Scriblio folder and post them at the plugin directory as separate projects. That solves both a maintenance problem of having independent projects in the same plugin folder, and allow those who aren’t using them to keep unnecessary code off their server.