Scriblio Questions Answered

Robin Gardella asked a few good questions via a comment at this site. They’re good FAQ material, so I wanted to post the questions and my answers.

Do I understand that Scriblio essentially is an “overlay” to the traditional catalog

Yes, and…. Scriblio has features that support original cataloging1, but it can also connect to an ILS or other systems to represent those collections. For the use you describe, it would indeed overlay on top of the existing ILS.

Would the regular catalog still exist beside the Scriblio interface of the catalog?

Yep. Scriblio doesn’t change the behavior of existing systems, but it can give you a new interface to them.

Also, because I already am using WordPress for the design of the web site, would it be necessary for me to create a new (additional) blog and have the Scriblio catalog run separately there?

Everything can run in the same instance of WordPress2, but you should be aware that a server that can host a WordPress blog is not always sufficient to host the entire library collection as well.

  1. The Colby-Sawyer Haystack archives use all original cataloging. []
  2. that’s exactly what I’d recommend, just like the Collingswood NJ Public Library []