Scriblio 2.3 v4 Released

I’ve just posted Scriblio 2.3 v4 for download. There are a number of important improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Lots of small bug fixes.
  • Implemented wp_cache support.
  • Revamped SQL query logic for better memory efficiency.
  • New widget options, including a choice of how many lines of facets to show.
  • Search suggest/autocomplete support (implemented in the new theme).
  • New theme. New Theme! By Jon Link.


Screenshot of new theme



  • Replace the scriblio folder in your wp-content/plugins directory or use SVN (‘svn up’) to update.
  • Once the new version is installed, go update your Facets and Search Edit widgets in Presentation -> Widgets.


Jessamyn has been working on patron-facing docs to help people use Scriblio-based sites. New pages include:

The mail list continues to be the best source for info for people installing & configuring Scriblio.

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