What is RSS?

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Every page of results in Scriblio has an RSS feed associated with it. This means that you can keep track of activity on a page without having to go back to the page to see what has changed. This is a short introduction to using RSS with Scriblio. For a more in-depth discussion of what RSS is, please see WhatIsRSS.com.

RSS Defined

RSS stands for really simple syndication. Many pages on the web with regularly changing content such as blogs or newspapers offer readers a way to “subscribe” to the content on the site and track it. The content that is subscribed to is called an RSS feed. Users can read these feeds using an RSS reader. We’ll describe some common ways people read RSS Feeds.

Finding a Feed

There are a few standardized ways of determining if a web page has an RSS feed.

  • Look for an indicator in your browser’s address bar.
  • Look for an orange button on the page or the words RSS.

Example showing a feed link on the New York Times home page

nyt feed

Example showing an RSS indicator in a browser address bar.


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