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You’re Scriblio-curious and you have a server you’d like to use for the the WordPress + Scriblio suite. This page explains what you will need and how to get started.

Quick Install

Subversion Access

Stable releases of scriblio can be found in:

Development versions are in /trunk More information about Subversion is in the documentation.

Old Versions
Old versions of Scriblio are archived in the repository. Comments related to previous milestone versions are in these archived pages:

5 Responses to “Get Scriblio”

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    » Scriblio Theater Says:

    […] got. Those videos are now on the front page of the official Scriblio site, and I did five more to demo the installation and configuration. Big thanks go to Collingswood NJ Public Library Director Brett Bonfield who let me use his library […]

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    Robin Gardella Says:

    Hi — I have been developing a new web site for my library using WordPress and I’m quite far along in the process. Currently I have links out to the Innovative Interfaces catalog we have; it’s not that exciting visually. I’m interested in the possibility of using Scriblio. Do I understand that Scriblio essentially is an “overlay” to the traditional catalog? Would the regular catalog still exist beside the Scriblio interface of the catalog? Also, because I already am using WordPress for the design of the web site, would it be necessary for me to create a new (additional) blog and have the Scriblio catalog run separately there? (Sorry, dumb questions — but I have just tripped over this and think it could have some potential for us). Thanks!

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    about Scriblio » Scriblio Questions Answered Says:

    […] Robin Gardella asked a few good questions via a comment at this site. They’re good FAQ material, so I wanted to post the questions and my answers. Do I understand that Scriblio essentially is an “overlay” to the traditional catalog […]

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    Julie Grammar Says:

    This so cool, thanks! I’m in the middle of installing it now, have a bunch of ideas on how I can use this for various projects. I can’t believe I have never seen it before.

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    Juanjo Álvarez Says:

    @nosekefik puede que te sirva… Scriblio addon for WordPress 😉

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